Rect Insulated Server Tuttocaldo 2.5L – Grey

KWD 18.500

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Made in Italy, Enjoy Tuttocaldo Thermal Server is an innovative insulated container with a ceramic ovenproof baking dish, that allows you to bake, transport, and serve your favorite dishes, while keeping them hot or cold for up to 3 hours. Perfect for picnics, caravan trips, boating, beach outings, and hosting friends, or even for families with varying meal schedules, you can cook in advance and serve your food at the optimal temperature anytime.

BPA-free insulated server has a double-walled body and lid with inner insulation to ensure excellent thermal performance.
Easy side-sliding locking handles ensure a tight lock.
The baking dish is oven and microwave-safe and stores snugly inside the insulated container.
Elegant and modern design, looks great on any table.